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Level 2:  A great tanning bed at a great price. 2 high pressure facials. 15 minute exposure time




Level 3: A premium high pressure/high intensity VHO bed make this the ultimate tan builder. 160 watt lamps on the bench and 160 watt lamps on the canopy with 3 adjustable high pressure facials. 15 minute tanning exposure.


Super Cyclone

 Level 3: This is one of the best stand up beds around. with 51 - 220 watt lamps which completely surround you.  A 22 mph cooling fan creating a cyclone of wind to keep you cool.
11,000 watts of tanning power, the quickest way to an even tan.
9 minute maximum exposure time


Level 4: A state of the art all high pressure tanning system with specially designed lighting which dramatically reduces the UVB (burning) rays by 98% and tremendously optimizes the UVA (melanin producing) rays.
High pressure beds reduce the negative impact on the epidermis, which means your skin will stay moisturized and not "shed" your tan as quickly. Maintain your tan in only 2-3 tans a month. Comfortable relaxing mattress.



             Matrix L58

Level 4: A super sized high pressure/high intensity tanning system with 4 large high pressure facial tanners and 54 extra long lamps producing 12,000 watts of tanning power.
A unique cooling system in an air conditioned room makes this an awesome and impressive tanning bed.
15 minute maximum exposure time

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